Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How safe are the lawn applications?

A. The materials which are used for lawn applications are of a very low toxicity and are registered and used in strict compliance to labeled instructions. 

Q. When can my children and pets go on the lawn?

A. If granular fertilizer is used you may go on the lawn immediately after the application. If liquid weed control is used, allow the material to dry on the grass before children and pets are allowed on it. Drying time will vary with weather conditions. 

Q. What will aeration do for my lawn?

A. Aeration opens up the soil, allowing air and water penetration into the root zone of the grass. This process loosens compacted soil and improves root development thereby helping develop a stronger more stress resistant plant and improved thickness in the lawn. 


Q. Does your lawn service have any guarantees?

A. Yes, We always do a great job. If there is an issue fill free to give us a call.


Q. When should I water my lawn?

A. Lawns should be watered in the early morning for approximately 15-25 minutes, 3 days per week, depending on weather conditions. Once we have performed our service, wait 24 hours before watering the lawn. Do not water at night because it may lead to increased disease activity in the lawn such as mold and certain types of fungus. 


Q. Why, in the tree and shrub world, do you only fertilize in the fall?

A. Fertilizing in the spring basically enhances top growth that causes excessive pruning. A fall fertilizer supplies balanced macro and micro nutrients needed for adequate food storage in preparation for winter. It also provides vital root growth. This leads to healthy and vigorous plants.


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